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Training Resources

We've compiled links to resources, seminars and classes to assist those training in suicide prevention.

Funding & Research

Looking to join the Suicide Prevention Council or be part of the coalition? Click here for more information.

Rotary Club of Anchorage Suicide Prevention Campaign

The Rotary Club of Anchorage has teamed up with the Statewide Suicide Prevention Council on a three-part prevention campaign to help increase suicide awareness in Alaska. The campaign will provide suicide prevention awareness to all 38 Rotary clubs in Alaska, provide student and youth grants to assist in creating and conducting events or activities to spread the word about suicide prevention and awareness in their schools and communities to fellow students, and develop a statewide media campaign including TV, radio and digital advertising to run February through April 2015. The following TV ads are part of the media campaign created by the Anchorage Rotary Club to bring awareness to suicide prevention.


There are many individuals working to reduce suicide in Alaska. links individuals involved in preventing suicide
to create a community of support and encouragement.
Our hope is that you'll learn -- and share what you know --
about suicide prevention in Alaska here.

You are not alone.

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