Tending the Net Summit 2014

The Statewide Suicide Prevention Council and Department of Health and Social Services hosted the third biennial statewide suicide prevention summit January 9-10, 2014. Tending the Net: Supporting Regional Suicide Prevention Teams provided technical assistance and planning support to the six regional suicide prevention teams that coordinate community implementation of the state suicide prevention plan, Casting the Net Upstream: Promoting Wellness to Prevent Suicide.

Over 70 Alaskan suicide prevention providers from all over the state came together this week to share their experiences and progress in implementing the state suicide prevention plan, and to learn from each other. Technical assistance was provided on coordinating outreach with Careline, the state crisis line; reaching out to young adults age 19-29; supporting survivors of suicide loss and responding to suicide as a community; grantwriting; and growing and nurturing community coalitions. (Presentations are posted under the Alaska Stakeholders tab above.)

During the summit, regional suicide prevention teams reviewed their progress over the past 2 years and refined their action plans for 2014-2015.  You can read more about statewide suicide prevention efforts in the upcoming 2013 Casting the Net Upstream Implementation Report.