Alaska Postvention Guide Videos Now Available on YouTube

Families and communities often don’t know where to access resources after a death by suicide, but there are a number of postvention resources available in Alaska. Postvention, the act of responding to a death by suicide, is a topic the State of Alaska has focused extensively on in recent years.
In 2014, the Statewide Suicide Prevention Council in partnership with the Department of Health and Social Services’ Division of Behavior Health created the Alaska Suicide Postvention Guide: Preparing to Heal to help communities and families in the wake of a suicide. In 2015, the Council and DBH again teamed up to create an accompanying DVD as an extra resource, titled Helping Our Communities Heal: Alaska Suicide Postvention. The entire video can now be viewed on YouTube in 14 installments.
The videos talk people through the concept of postvention, how to appropriately respond in the first 72 hours, and how to create a community postvention plan. Six of the videos are directed toward specific groups, including family members and close friends, community behavioral health providers, faith communities and clergy, funeral directors and memorial officiants, schools, and members of the media.
There are also four short interviews to provide additional insight on key aspects of postvention. Council member Barbara Franks provides her experience as a survivor of suicide loss. Former Council member and licensed clinician Sue May explains how to take care of yourself after a suicide occurs. Council member Sen. Berta Gardner provides a message for first responders. And Tony Hopfinger of the Alaska Dispatch News discusses the role of the media when reporting on suicide. In addition, Sen. Lisa Murkowski provides an introduction that highlights the issue of suicide in Alaska and why suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention are important.  
To watch the videos visit the following links:
Section 1: A message from Senator Lisa Murkowski. Part 1 of 14
Section 2: Chapter One: Introduction. Part 2 of 14
Section 2: Chapter Two: The first 72 Hours. Part 3 of 14
Section 2: Chapter Three: Postvention Planning: Next Steps. Part 4 of 14
Section 3: Family Members and Close Friends. Part 5 of 14
Section 3: Community Behavioral Health Providers. Part 6 of 14
Section 3: Faith Communities and Clergy. Part 7 of 14
Section 3: Funeral Directors and Memorial Officiants. Part 8 of 14
Section 3: Schools. Part 9 of 14
Section 3: Members of the Media. Part 10 of 14
Interviews: Barbara Franks “Survivor of Suicide Loss.” Part 11 of 14
Interviews: Sue May “Taking Care of Yourself.” Part 12 of 14
Interviews: Berta Gardner “A Message for First Responders.” Part 13 of 14
Interviews: Tony Hopfinger “Role of Media.” Part 14 of 14
To view or download the postvention guide, visit: